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  • About Sara

    Sara Sachs is a professional Psychic Medium with national and international clientele. She became aware of her mediumship in 2004. It took her just a few years for her to evolve into a professional spiritual medium. Sara says she didn't find spirit work, it found her. Her skills include mediumship, Tarot, and Reiki.



    Sara's education reflects the evolution. Her drama training, beginning at the Pittsburgh Playhouse, and culminating with a BA degree in that at Syracuse University gave her stage presence to present her mediumship on the platform. This training also gave her the ability to approach spirit with the same loving care she approached her roles. Her spiritual education continued in the Spiritualist Community of Lily Dale, NY and Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Studies in Stansted, UK.


    Private sittings in the office and at parties are a large part of her work. In recent years, she's been doing more work in the public arena. Her demonstrations have been called dynamic, with strong proof of the existence of those in spirit. She delivers messages with energy and compassion. Her platform work has taken her to Spiritualist Churches, along with other venues in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and NYC.


    Sara teaches workshops in Evidential Mediumship in Pittsburgh and Lily Dale.


    Although Pittsburgh is her place of birth, Sara has lived in NYC, San Diego, Ca, and Seattle, WA. In 1998, she was spiritually called back to her birth place. Sara enjoys spare time with her brother, his family, and extended family. Photography, writing, and jewelry making are her other passions.


    Sara is available for private sittings, parties (with individual sessions and group demonstrations), and corporate events. She's also been a guest on radio and television.


    Sitters know that Sara can be trusted to keep their confidences. They can be assured that they will be treated with dignity and compassion. They also know that they will get the best session from Sara as possible.

    Psychic Medium

    Sara Sachs

    Psychic Medium

    Sara has various ways in which she gives back in gratitude for what her skills have given her. In the summer at Lily Dale, NY, she gives public demonstrations as a Visiting Medium from Pittsburgh at Inspiration Stump and the Forest Temple outdoor Message Services, as well as mini readings at their fundraising Monday Night Circles. She sits on the board of a Pittsburgh spiritual group known as SITE NITE, where she has done presentations. Doing readings and public demonstrations for charitable groups is part of how Sara gives back to her community.


    In her readings, Sara calls on her and her clients' Guides as well as Spirits who have crossed over to give messages of guidance and healing. Although she advises people to seek professional help when necessary, she can guide them to that through her skills as a Medical Intuitive. There are many areas of your life that she can give guidance through Spirit. Sara has become well-known for her flower séances. She also does Tarot readings. Whether she has given readings or public demonstrations, those who have experienced her compassion, and often, humor, come away with healing and new insights about themselves and their loved ones, either here or in Spirit!


    In addition to private readings, Sara does readings at fairs, parties, corporate events, after proms, to name a few.


    Sara is also available for speaking engagements and could be an interesting guest on your radio or television show. She gets some of her bookings from Talent Network and Big Day agencies, as well as listings and word of mouth. Sara is part of the rotating team of psychics giving readings at Journeys of Life in Pittsburgh, Pa.


    Sara: "My messages come from Spirit. I'm merely the vessel." "My intention is to bring the highest and best messages of healing and spiritual guidance."


    Sara has lived in New York City, San Diego, Ca, and Seattle, Wa. In a visit back to her hometown in 1998, she was spiritually called back to the city of her birth, Pittsburgh, Pa, where she now resides.

    Arthur Findlay Psychic



    ●BA in drama at Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY

    ●Evidential mediumship classes with Janet Nohavec and other instructors in Lily Dale, NY

    ●Evidential mediumship classes at Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Studies in Stansted,UK



    ●Past vice president of the 1st Spiritualist Church of Greater Pittsburgh

    ●Presently on the board of SITE NITE, a Pittsburgh based spiritual group

    ●Served at services in Lily Dale and Spiritualist Churches as a speaker and message medium.



    Spirit, Medium


    "For a unique event no one will ever forget - I suggest booking with me as soon as possible (my schedule fills rapidly) for large gathering such as baby showers, wedding showers, family reunions, ladies tea parties, after prom - I would suggest Flower Séances, Platform Readings or a Tarot Table or your guests."


    Testimonial - "I just wanted to thank you again for the reading I had with you. I've been handling the loss my parents much, much better after speaking with you. Your talents have helped guide me to the right track in a long process of feeling "normal" again. I'm so looking forward to working with you in the future, you really did make my heart happy." Courtney

  • A Message from Sara

    Psychic, Medium


    These are suggestions to help you in getting the best experience from your session.


    Being prepared for your sitting will get you not only a better session, but sends the intention for your spirit people to be in attendance.


    Part of this process is to be prepared with questions beforehand. You may want to write them down. However, there's no need to bring them. Writing sets the intention. I see possibilities of what could be happening in your life, rather than the future. This enables you to make an informed decision for a good outcome. As a Spiritualist, I believe in free will.


    You will want to send love and light to those in spirit to invite them to the sitting. This allows you to be open to the healing that will take place. However, it's very important to not have expectations as to what will happen, or who will come through. As a medium, I have no control of who in spirit will attend. Often, what you may think you want to hear is different from what you need to hear. It's important to have an open mind. Most of the time, the intended spirits come through. On rare occasions, they don't. You don't want to be so focused on a message that you may want to hear, that you may miss an important one from another important spirit person. They're not always family members. Be prepared for some insightful and pleasant surprises!


    My mediumship consists of senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and sensing the presence of spirit. I'm an evidential medium. That means that means that my communicators make themselves known to me by connecting names, physical characteristics, how they passed, personality traits, and so on, as proof of survival beyond life.


    Because of modern technology, I no longer tape sessions. I encourage you to use your (or a friend's) phone or other devices you have to record. I PHONES have a continuous recorder. You may have to download Tape a Talk or other app for continuous recording.

  • Sessions with Psychic Sara


    Available for 1/2 or full hour sessions for Intuitive Counsel, Tarot Readings, Reiki Healing, Psychic-Medium Reading (Contacting those in the Spirit World). I do readings in person and over the phone. If you would like a phone reading, go to PayPal in the online store, and I will schedule a reading with you after payment has been received. You will find instructions on the Checkout page. My in person rates are:

    $80.00 for 30 min

    $130.00 for 60 min

    Before booking your sitting, please go to the store to pay the required non refundable deposit of $25, with the balance due at the appointment. You can make the payment by check or card. Please be sure to fill out all the contact information. You will be notified when the deposit is received to make the appointment.



    Out of town rates will be determined by location and event for private sittings and platform events.

    *Please note that phone readings are still the same rates as my local sessions.*



    Gallery Readings and Flower Seances - $45.00 per person with

    12 person minimum

    Parties-Individual Rates - 2 or more, $70 for 30 min, $120 for 60 min. (If the person hosting the party has 7 or more guests total, he or she gets his or her reading for free! For fewer guests, the host pays above rates.)


    Booking A Party

    To secure a booking, a credit/debit card number is required. This card would be processed for a 30 min sitting of $80 if the event is cancelled less than two weeks before the date booked, without rescheduling. If the card is processed, the holder of the card can redeem it for the 30 min sitting.

    If you do not have a credit card I will accept a check that will be returned the day of the event.

    Please contact me with any questions you may have about securing a booking with deposit.

    *Allowances will be made on shorter notice bookings*


    Long Distance Party

    Parties further than 50 miles away will have a travel fee of guests paying the full rate of $80 per 30 min reading with a 8 guest requirement. For over 100 mile travel, the free host reading will be waived.


    Please be mindful in the consumption of alcoholic beverages to get a good reading. I will not be able to give you a reading if you are visibly intoxicated.




    For a unique event no one will ever forget - I suggest booking with me as soon as possible (my schedule fills rapidly). For large gatherings such as baby showers, wedding showers, family reunions, ladies tea parties, after prom - I would suggest Flower Seances, Platform Readings or a Tarot Table or your guests


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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations of mediumship, healing, and other things metaphysical.

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    What her customers say...


    I've been wanting to thank you for a long time. Last spring you gave me wise advice on my intuitive skills at the Great Conjunction Expo in Akron. I embraced your wise counsel and now have a second location for my services. You had mentioned to go back and begin with my Angel readings and go from there. I did that and my skills are growing and expanding. I intend to go to Lilydale for intuitive classes this summer as you suggested. Thank you for guiding me when I asked your advice. You have made a significant impact on my life and I am eternally grateful!!

    Mary Jane Brigger

    West Salem, Ohio


    I lost my husband June 2015, after a long illness, he was truly my best friend and not only his loss but his suffering were devastating to me. This caused me much confusion and to doubt everything I once believed. Why would this happen to a person like him? I lost my reason for living. I met with Sara the day after Halloween 2015. I can positively state without a doubt Sara contacted my husband immediately. She had a direct line of communication to him. She had names, ages, illnesses. She described my husband to a T. He knows what I have been doing and what I have been going through, because he was able to tell Sara, and she told me. So comforting to know that although I can't see him anymore, somehow he can see me and is aware of what I do. Sara is the real deal, I have recommended her to family members and plan to go back. If you lost a loved one I recommend her to you,

    Jill Sapienza

    Sad Wife


    Sara I had the pleasure of having you read me and some of my friends this summer. Losing my husband last Feb has turned my world upset down, so much pain, so many changes but my reading with you was a true turning point. You also read my husband's sister and her beautiful reading also brought me comfort and assured me my husband's beautiful soul lives on. You have a amazing gift and I am so grateful you are willing to share it. God's blessings, Merry Christmas.

    Sue S

    Pittsburgh, PA


    Thank you for your wonderful reading last night. I loved the messages that came through from both my Aunt Olga and Uncle Tony who I never knew in life. I passed on the messages for my Aunt Olga's two sons. Mark, the eldest, confirmed there were stacks of paper on a table belonging to both his younger brother and his mother. He said, as you did, that it was a mess. I passed on the message that "things would be alright" and you saw the stacks of paper in neat piles. What's astonishing is that I never go to Adam's Mediums Nights because I feel I get enough readings in class from Adam, students, and other mediums. I felt compelled to go last night, feeling a need to be there to see how other mediums work, and, you have a very impressive resume. Also, you're being from, Pittsburgh, my father's childhood city didn't hurt either. Now the astonishing part: while conveying my aunt's message to her son this morning, he said last night, November 12th, was Uncle Tony's and Aunt Olga's anniversary!

    John Bazley

    Poughkeepsie, NY


    Thank you for my AMAZING journey yesterday. When I came home and called my mom last night, so many more things came to light. Your are an amazing person!

    Donni Incardona

    Thank You Sara


    Sara is a very inspirational lady, where you can take comfort and healing from her. When she connects with spirit she has this wonderful strong energy that makes you feel as though spirit is in the room with you, but has the ability to bring out the personality and characteristics of the person that has passed. I feel when people get let down in life and lose their way Sara could help center you through her healing and mediumistic abilities, and accommodate you the best way she can and that she is passionate about her work as a medium. When Sara is on the platform she has a special way to uplift people and this is a natural ability that not all mediums have and people really matter to her. I feel that Sara is a very grounded person, so when involved in groups her presence is always felt in a helpful way.

    Gillian B.

    Wolverhampton, UK


    I wanted to give a whole hearted shout out to 2 Pittsburgh area psychics - Diana Paar, and Sara Sachs. About 4 years ago, Sara told me that in the next 2-5 years, I'd meet the man who would become my future husband at work, that we would move somewhere together, and that he would lead me to a lucrative employment opportunity. This has all now happened, although at the time I didn't believe it. Great readings!

    Tammy O

    from Ft Lauderdale, Fla.


    Hi Sara I want to thank you for a amazing reading, I have been glowing since I saw you on Tues. I don't need to tell you that losing my husband has been the worse thing I have gone through. We had the love story. You truly made me feel he was happy and with his parents, who he adored. I miss him with every fiber of my being but to know he is golfing and happy has brought me such peace. You are very gifted and I am so grateful you are willing to share you gift. After hearing about my reading many of my friends would like to meet you. I hope to book a party in the fall with you. I live in Cranberry would you come to my house? Thank you again and I pray that you are blessed.

    Susan S of Cranberry Twp, Pa

    Grateful & Satisfied


    Was very satisfied. Heard from a lot that have crossed over, was very comforting. She has a wonderful gift!


    Great Reading


    I had a reading on Wed. 12-10-14 and received a lot of information and clarification. The 25-year anniversary of a death (tragic) was bothering me I was feeling VERY emotional. I did not expect to receive a message but did. I heard from many loved ones that day and will have to schedule another reading in the future. Sara was able to verify many of the events that occurred with the departed and I left with peace of mind and lots of things to think about.




    SARA was a big hit at the SEAD Democratic Picnic last year. Her readings were enjoyed by SEAD Picnickers of all ages. We look forward to seeing her at the SEAD Picnic on August 10, 2014 at South Park. I recommend Sara for any party or gathering-big or small.

    Robert Frank

    SEAD Democrats President


    I had a reading with Sara last week. She is a remarkable person. Everything she told me was right on the money. After the reading I felt much better about my daughter and son-in-laws death. Thank you Sara. With love, Mary Soccorsi

    Mary Soccorsi

    Satisfied customer


    Sara Sachs has an amazing gift as an evidential medium and her Flower Seance is an amazing and unique experience. I was stunned by the accuracy of how each flower, or combination of flowers, was completely in keeping with the message, the loved one or the recipient. Astounding! Sara is also very pleasant to work with from the standpoint of a business owner, taking the time before the event to help arrange things and afterward to answer questions. I look forward to working with her again in the future!

    Diane Jarecki

    Co-owner, Good Vibes Health Center


    This was my third reading with Sara. I am dealing with the loss of a young adult child and it has been unbearable at times. Sara was accurate in her reading and did bring me information and messages. Even though I continue to grieve, I don't know what I would do without these readings. If you have concerns about a reading, do not hesitate to use Sara. She is wonderful and I don't know what I would do without her and her most wonderful gift. It is truly amazing what she can do.


    Very satisfied client


    We met about two years ago when you did a reading for me at a Panera bread. At the time I had just lost a baby girl and was actively grieving, and was engaged to be married. You had mentioned that there was going to be a baby boy not too long after and to my complete surprise, there was! You also had a reading from my grandmother warning me in a few different ways to be cautious of my relationship and even to get out of it. I thought that was kind of crazy and weird when you were saying it. Ended up developing into an abusive relationship during my second pregnancy and I am no longer engaged or with him. I recently listened to the recording of our reading and a lot of other smaller things that I had forgotten about made sense in hindsight. It was also healing at the time to hear from you (and from my loved ones!) while I was grieving. Just wanted to give you some feedback, and also ask if you are still doing private readings and would like to meet up with me again! :)



    I do believe that there are people with a gift, but I believe there are very few with this gift and the rest are scams. Sarah read very well, and I was totally satisfied with her reading. She is one that is real.

    Jim K



    "I met with Sara in February. She has an undeniable gift accompanied with a professional and warm personality. I understand Sara has a very full schedule, but scheduling was a breeze. I felt confident from speaking with her I was making a good choice in scheduling a reading. I brought myself and my grandmother along for a reading. I've been read before. This was my grandmother's first reading. Sara put her at ease and immediately connected with our loved ones. Her psychic intuition is amazing as well. She had a very accurate interpretation of when I had a few big life changes ahead. I look forward to being in a place where a reading is needed again. I wouldn't hesitate to schedule with Sara."




    I just wanted to thank you again for the reading I had with you. I've been handling the loss my parents much, much better after speaking with you. Your talents have helped guide me to the right track in a long process of feeling "normal" again. I'm so looking forward to working with you in the future, you really did make my heart happy.




    I had a reading with Sara in October 2013. While my grief is still there, the reading did give me some peace and comfort in knowing my loved one is "ok". Everything she said was exact and I could not have been more pleased. I am so truly grateful for Sara's gift. The reading meant the world to me.




    I threw myself a 50th Birthday Party Reading with nine wonderful ladies. My reading filled me with love light and hope. I like many ,thought of so many more questions after, but each one of these beautiful ladies left feeling comforted . Sara , you are gentle and soft spoken, and you really expended much energy with us. I have not stopped talking about this experience with friends family and loved ones. I am only trying to figure out when I can do this again. Thank you .. Cheryl

    Cheryl Walge



    Hi Sara, you did a reading for me back in September of this year and here it is November and I still feel the power, comfort and love that came through when you connected with my husband, who passed from this life in 2011. Thank you so much. Your reading really helped me find a way to carry my grief and sadness with more joy; to cherish the love I still feel and don't want to lose.....you really captured the essence of my lost beloved and helped me connect to him. You were a gentle and gifted voice in our session. Thank you again.

    Ann B



    I really liked my reading with Ms Sara Sachs.It was the first reading I have ever had.I have had a lot of positive things happen for me from the reading I received.I was happy to have had the chance to have my reading done with Ms Sara.I would highly recommend her for anyone who has doubts, To give her a try .I found that Ms Sara is spot on.Thank you Ms Sara.

    Rebecca Parker



    We had Sara do a flower seance for a gathering and were all amazed at her gift! She is spot on in her reading and was a delight to have in our home! I highly recommend you hire this gifted psychic before she gets too famous for us all to afford!!

    Sandy Davis