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Mediumship, healing, and other things metaphysical

Hello, everyone. I'm now introducing you to the new blog section of my website. A number of you who know me from Facebook have seen some of my writings. I've written articles for some online publications, such as the Enlightened Energy Magazine.

Mediumship, healing, and other things metaphysical will of course be covered. For those of you who have had readings from me, you know that movies, art, music, sports, and so many other interesting things come in as symbols and evidence. I see everything as connected with spirit. I will be writing about my relationship with the arts, along with many other experiences and how they relate to my work as a Medium.

I'm a Pittsburgh based Medium, but I consider myself as a citoyen du monde, or citizen of the world! I will be blogging about my travels from Lily Dale, NY, to NYC, to the UK, and beyond! I have some exciting trips coming up!

I'm very interested in hearing from you about any topic or questions you might have in regards to mediumship or other metaphysical subjects. Just email me through this website or message me on my Facebook page, . I look forward to doing this blog. I invite you along for the journey!